Changing Perspectives- Reflections from a Volunteer

My name is Amber and my sidekick in crime is Joxer, the dog. When I started volunteering with SILO almost six years ago, I thought “Maybe I’ll just do this for fun”. I really wasn’t expecting to get much out of “just another volunteer opportunity”. After my first work day with SILO, where I picked up trash around town, I was shocked by how much my community was in need of help.

It changed my perception on life and how I view others. It changed me for the better. It showed me that no matter how small your act of kindness toward someone, it can make a huge impact. A simple act of kindness, like picking up trash, made a significant difference in how the town looked and created community pride.

Joining SILO was an eye opening experience for me; making me more aware of my community. Before, I would stick to myself, now I see all I can do to help my community.

-Amber Roark

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