Are you interested in getting more involved with SILO? That's great!

Getting Started

The first step is joining us for one of our monthly meals (if you haven’t already), as a “guest.”  It may feel strange to “not help” when you’re ready to jump in. However, it’s important to us that you first get a chance to meet some of our friends. You will quickly see that the line between the “servers” and the “served” is nearly nonexistent. We very much seek to empower our SILO friends to receive as well as serve. It is important to us that new volunteers join in the give-and-take effort harmoniously.

Next Steps

After you have joined us……Download our Volunteer application below.

SILO Volunteer Application


Here are a few ways volunteers help out:

  • Prepare a dessert for 200 people
  • Serve food at a meal
  • Get to know our friends at a meal
  • Stay in touch with the friends you meet at the meal to see how they are doing
  • Join us on for a work project to help someone in the community with home repairs and maintenance
  • Make a meal (or 30) for a family or individual who is having a hard time making ends meet or who just got out of the hospital
  • Provide transportation to local appointments and errands
  • Share your professional services (lawyers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers and carpenters)