Home Visits

Visiting friends in their home is a great way for them to feel connected and build relationships, especially if age or illness prevents them from leaving their home. Staff and volunteers spend time getting to know and maintaining relationships with friends who are homebound, sick or in prison. We visit friends who are often overlooked in our society wherever they are staying: in their homes, a tent, the hospital, nursing homes or prison to ensure they are relationally connected and know they are valued.


These friendships, built on trust, allow people to comfortably share about the greatest challenges in their lives. From that openness, we are better informed and able to connect them to needed resources to create positive change in their lives. When appropriate, we empower those who are isolated to courageously leave their home, come to a meal, help others or take a step forward in their own lives. 

What do we bring with us?

When we visit friends, we often take a small gift to add a little cheer to their day.

We frequently bring: 

  • Smiles

  • Coffee

  • Donuts

  • Chips

  • Candy

  • Flowers

  • Hugs


  • On average, we visit 43 people in their homes or homeless camp per year.

  • We complete roughly 225 home visits per year.

  • Our Director of Community Engagement spends an average of 15 hours per week alongside the most vulnerable in our community.