Growing with SILO

It all began with an idea to create a community garden- a place to grow food for our monthly community meals, a place for healing and shared life. Then the COVID pandemic changed our plans- at least for now.

Instead of one large garden and gathering space, we created 135 raised vegetable gardens that were distributed to 50 different backyards. These mini vegetable gardens provided healthy food for 142 people, including 95 children, who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to grow their own food. Participants chose from three summer varieties: a Salsa Garden, a Salad Garden or a Pasta Garden. A fall planting provided additional produce into the cool months.

We completed our first summer and fall growing season and are thrilled for how this new program provides a layer of food stability for our friends- right in their own backyard. Simultaneously, the gardening program provides participants with purpose, empowerment and “garden therapy”. 

Looking forward to growing more together next year.