We’ve created an avenue for our staff and volunteers to share what they’re learning as they serve and love people in Oxford.

A Legacy of Volunteering- Reflections from a Volunteer

I was so fortunate to have wonderful role models who taught me about serving others. As a young child, I witnessed my Grandfather picking men off of the streets in the city of Wilmington and taking them to the Sunday Breakfast Mission. He would pay for them to get a...

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Purposeful Volunteer Work- Reflections from a Volunteer

SILO is an organization that gave me the opportunity to give back to the community in many ways. SILO was first introduced to me when Ed Herr gave a speech at my college. He implored us to "love others in all we do." Years later I was invited to the annual Snow Ball,...

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A Part of It All- Reflections from Three SILO Volunteers

Dawn’s Reflection- I want to share a short story about how I found SILO. My name is Dawn Holcomb, I work for a company that supports their employees volunteering. I heard about SILO through conversations one day when volunteering for Oxford Mainstreet, Inc (OMI)....

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Changing Perspectives- Reflections from a Volunteer

My name is Amber and my sidekick in crime is Joxer, the dog. When I started volunteering with SILO almost six years ago, I thought “Maybe I’ll just do this for fun”. I really wasn’t expecting to get much out of “just another volunteer opportunity”. After my first work...

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