A Part of It All- Reflections from Three SILO Volunteers

Dawn’s Reflection-
I want to share a short story about how I found SILO. My name is Dawn Holcomb, I work for a company that supports their employees volunteering. I heard about SILO through conversations one day when volunteering for Oxford Mainstreet, Inc (OMI). Then, the next day, my employer had tickets available for the 2016 SILO Snow Ball fundraiser (Roaring 20’s). I went and had such a great time that I wanted to know how to get involved. So, one evening, at a meeting with the Oxford Women’s Club, I sat beside a lady named Claire May, a regular SILO volunteer. She told me about the group and kept asking me to come and hang out at one of the free monthly meals for the community. I came to a few of the monthly meals. When the 2017 Royal Medieval Snow Ball came around I bought some tickets and asked David Zook and Chipper Dunn to go with me. We had a blast and by this time I was hooked and wanting to get more involved. God helped me out and here I am doing what I love- helping others.

David and Chipper’s Reflection-
When we walked into the 2017 Snowball, we were blown away by all of it; how it made you feel like you were in that time period and how everyone was dressed in costumes. It made us think about all the behind the scenes work and how many volunteer hours it must have taken to pull that off. The dedication and volunteer hours alone really blew us away. While we were in awe of all of it, David Zook was talking to Bruce Book and David Ogino throughout the night and told them that he definitely wanted to be part of the 2018 Snow Ball. So, here we are, and loving every minute of it.
Thank you,
Dawn Holcomb, David Zook and Chipper Dunn

Note: Dawn, David and Chipper were critical volunteers in preparation for the 2018 Snow Ball. They helped build the tree at the entry door, the rabbit hole, and the giant mushrooms, among other things. None of the tasks they performed were easy, yet they brought such a positive attitude with them each time they came to volunteer. Their positivity and hard-working attitude permeated the group. We’re so lucky to have our great group of volunteers include them. Thank YOU Dawn, David and Chipper!


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