SILO is a welcoming and diverse group of friends who come together to Serve, Inspire & Love Others in our community.

SILO comes alongside people in need in our community in a practical way. We offer friendship, support, a listening ear, and help as appropriate. It is not uncommon to see SILO coordinators or volunteers giving a ride to someone in need, sharing a meal with someone who could use some cheering up or visiting someone who is sick in the hospital or a nursing home.


Everyone has something to share and SILO fosters the space for everyone to offer their skills, gifts and ideas for the good of our community. Volunteers are the backbone of SILO’s efforts to help people.


We motivate each other to change for the better through examples,  encouragement, empowerment, experimentations and excitement.


Everyone is “good enough” to be loved.
Our work is accepting our differences and loving each other as we are, without trying to change each other.



SILO seeks to discover everyone’s gifts and needs while welcoming and building bridges with people from all walks of life.