SILO is a welcoming and diverse group of friends who come together to Serve, Inspire & Love Others in our community.


Everyone has something to share and SILO fosters the space for everyone to offer their skills, gifts and ideas for the good of our community.


We motivate each other to change for the better through examples, encouragement, empowerment, experimentations and excitement.


Everyone is “good enough” to be loved. Our work is accepting our differences and loving each other as we are, without trying to change each other.


SILO seeks to discover everyone’s gifts and needs while welcoming and building bridges with people from all walks of life.

SILO comes alongside people in need in our community in a practical way. We offer friendship, support, a listening ear, and help as appropriate. It is not uncommon to see SILO coordinators or volunteers giving a ride to someone in need, sharing a meal with someone who could use some cheering up or visiting someone who is sick in the hospital or a nursing home.

Check Out What We Do…

Monthly Meals

Those who could use a friend or a free meal, feel right at home at our monthly meals. People come together to share a meal, a conversation or a smile. The beauty of this time is that it brings together people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Home Visits

Visiting friends in their homes is a great way for them to feel connected and build relationships, especially if age or illness prevents them from leaving their home.


Not having a car can makes simple daily tasks more complicated like going to the laundromat, grocery store or a doctor’s appointment. SILO provides a limited number of rides for folks who don’t have a vehicle or the ability to drive themselves. Our elderly and sick friends benefit most from this service.

Work Projects

Helping paint or do household chores means a lot to people who may not be able to do the work themselves. SILO volunteers complete one large work project per month and numerous small projects each week.

Random Acts of Kindness

One of the first expressions of SILO in the community was a random act of kindness- handing out boxes of Lucky Charms door to door. SILO maintains this tradition and regularly walks around town to give out gifts like smoke detector batteries, chips, breakfast sandwiches, ice cream and hot soup. The unexpected gifts are often met with quizzical looks followed by gratitude.