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Can’t believe it’s been 10 years!

Join us for the next month in celebrating SILO’s 10 Year Anniversary Campaign of Giving. We will be celebrating by looking back and reflecting on our decade of service. This also marks a great opportunity to look ahead- growing, developing and re-energizing.

All that we’ve accomplished over the past 10 years- people housed, employed and befriended- could not have been possible without your support. Many volunteers, donors and friends have helped create a unique culture of loving, sharing and supporting. SILO has become a family.

In the month running up to SILO’s 10th Anniversary, on November 16th, we are aiming to raise an ambitious $7,000. To help us reach this goal, a matching grant has been offered to double every dollar donated. We’re asking supporters, volunteers and friends to contribute a $10 gift. To ensure SILO’s work over the next 10 years, we’d like to ask you to consider making this a monthly recurring gift.

Thank you again to all who have helped us Serve, Inspire and Love Others in our community.

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