What is Snow Ball?

Snow Ball is an annual event that SILO hosts in partner with their amazing sponsor Herr’s Potatoe Chips. Every year this event helps raise money that can be used for SILO events and activities. Each Snow Ball has a fun theme. The event includes dinner, drinks, music and more. Tickets are limited and is an invite only event. Invitations are sent out in the fall and sell out fast! If you would like to be included on the Snow Ball guest list, please email Melissa at melisssa@oxfordsilo.com

Funds raised from this special event help SILO to:

  • Hosts free monthly meals to those in need
  • Visit people in their homes, hospital or prison who are sick or lonely
  • Performs work projects
  • Provide rides to community members
  • Helping the homeless and others in the community with their needs, finding employment and connecting them to resources

Tickets are $100. 

Snow Ball 2020 to be announced soon!

Can't make it?

We understand. If you still would like to donate to the SILO program, click the button to send a donation to SILO.

We appreciate you and hope to see you next year!

Check out some of our past years Snow Balls!

2019 • A Night at the Parthenon

Thank you for a wonderful night at the Parthenon.
Relive the memories from the night…

• Photo booth Images
• Video from the night

2018 • Alice in Wonderland
Relive the memories from the night…

Photo Booth

Photos of the room

Video of the Night

2017 • Royal Medieval Fest
Relive the memories from the night…

Video of the Night

Photo Booth 

Photos of the Night 

2016 •  The Roaring 20’s

Thank you for a wonderful night!

2015 •  Circus
Thank you to all of our supporters!

Keep the memories alive: Snow Ball 2015