Making a Connection- Reflections from a Volunteer

Last February I was making a deposit at the bank and saw a long haired lady in front of me with a little girl about the same age as our Daisy. I struck up a conversation and immediately found the missing piece to my life’s puzzle! I grew up in a service atmosphere and had struggled to find a lasting connection with an organization since my departure from the church I grew up in. I was so excited to find a vibrant community of loving people. There’s no seam between the people serving and the people being served, it’s one big family!
A few months prior to meeting SILO I had met a man bicycling thru Oxford, carrying a golf club. We had a long chat that led to a lasting friendship and wouldn’t you know it – he already knew my family! Talk about small town! When we started coming to the SILO dinners and donating vegetables we continued to get to know this friend and I feel that it was due to his open, witty personality that I have been able to begin healing some wounds in my extended family. Thank you, SILO for allowing me to serve, but also be be served myself.
-Rachel Brewer